AHC Company History


Originally established in 1999 by John and Melanie Diehl, Altoona Hoist & Crane quickly became central Pennsylvania's most respected overhead crane sales and Service Company.


Altoona Hoist & Crane quickly outgrew her original shop, which was a 2-car garage, and relocated to a 1,600 sq. /ft. facility in Duncansville, PA in March of 2002.


In April of 2005, John and Melanie sold the business to long time employee, Doug Warner and his business partner (and brother-in-law) Bob Jubeck.  They have successfully continued the professional, personable service that has made Altoona Hoist & Crane what it is.  Ever growing, Doug and Bob were able to expand the Company Team with additional Technicians, Helpers, Fabricators, and managment / support staff quadrupling the size of the Company in just a few short years.


With the addition of the new Electrical Control Panel Shop and the Fabrication Department, Altoona Hoist & Crane quickly outgrew the 1,600 sq. /ft. facility.  In July 2012, Altoona Hoist moved into a spacious 6,000 sq. /ft. facility along Rt-764 between Altoona and Duncansville PA.


In October of 2012, Doug took 100% ownership of the Company. Doug expanded on the Company‚Äôs Engineering capabilities and personnel.  Investing in sophisticated 3D CAD Software capable of complex Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling.  This allows Altoona Hoist to engineer and design not only cranes and support structures, but a variety of below the hook devices and custom engineered products.



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