LB Lever Hoist

CB Hand Chain Hoist

Harrington's CB hand chain hoists combine heavy duty construction with top-of-the-line internal components for the most demanding industrial applications. These hoists are built to withstand rugged, day-in, day-out use and they are easily maintained and repairable making them the perfect hoist for a long-lasting fleet of industrial products.


-Capacities 1/2 Ton through 100 Ton

-All-steel construction for extreme durability

-Low headroom and lightweight design for ease of use

-Slip clutch prevents lifting damaging loads beyond rated capacity

-Limited number of parts simplifies and reduces maintenance




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Harrington's LB lever hoists combine easy operation with a compact, low headroom design that easily handles real-world demands. Rated the number 1 selling lever hoist in the U.S., these hoists can be used horizontally, vertically, inverted or at any other load angle and have the strength to get the job done.


--Capacities 3/4 Ton through 9 Ton

-Compact design makes it a perfect fit for use in tight quarters

-Steel body is more durable yet lighter weight than die cast aluminum models

-Revolutionary freewheeling offers one handed operation

-360 degree handle rotation and pivot & swivel top hook for easy rigging

-Single load chain through 3 Tons




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CF Hand Chain Hoist

NTH "Navy Style" Hand Chain Hoist

Harrington's NTH trolley hoists are designed for those applications where headroom is limited. These hoists combine the economical CF hand chain hoist with a unique permanently attached trolley resulting in an extremely durable and compact trolley/hoist for use in tight quarters.


-Capacities 1 Ton through 5 Ton

-Extremely low headroom is achieved with integral trolley design

-Offered in push and geared trolley options to fit every application

-Flanged trolley wheels allow for smooth travel




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Harrington's CF hand chain hoists were designed for portability and durability. These hoists are the economical and practical choice for efficient, trouble-free service. The CF model is a long-lasting construction grade hoist that offers the best value in a hand chain hoist.


-Capacities 1/2 Ton through 5 Ton

-Rugged die-cast aluminum body provides exceptional strength

-Pre-lubricated sealed ball bearings for long life and low maintenance

-Weston-style load brakes for positive braking action

-Designed with fewer parts to simplify maintenance




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SHB Ultra Low Headroom Hand Chain Hoist

PT & GT Trolleys

Harrington's PT push trolleys and GT geared trolleys are versatile and durable and are the economical choice for adding mobility to our hoists. Maintenance-free sealed ball bearings provide smooth operation and long efficient service.


-Capacities of PT push trolleys from ½ Ton through 10 Ton

-Capacities of GT geared trolleys from ½ Ton through 20 Ton

-Contoured wheels fit on tapered and flat flanged beams

-Lightweight and compact for easy installation

-Fully adjustable to fit any flange width




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Harrington's SHB trolley hoists combine our industrial grade CB hand chain hoist less slip clutch with a unique permanently attached hand geared trolley. This low profile configuration is ideal for use in limited space applications.


-Capacities 1 Ton through 10 Ton

-Ultra-low headroom design for maximum hook travel

-All steel construction for hoist durability

-Cast trolley wheels and steel side plates for heavy-duty applications

-Flanged trolley wheels allow for smooth travel on both S and W beams





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LX Mini Lever Hoist/Puller

CX  Mini Hand Chain Hoist

Harrington's CX hoist is notably the world''s smallest hand chain hoist. Its light weight and extremely compact design make it the ideal tool for high or difficult to reach places. Features include a metal chain guide for durability and smooth operation, grade 100 nickel-plated load chain and strong hook latches with a safety tip.


-Capacity 1/4 Ton

-Compact, low headroom design for use anywhere

-Very low force is required to lift loads

-Effortless to transport, install & store

-Load limiter prevents lifting dangerous loads over rated capacity

-Aluminum body with steel frame provides superior strength




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Harrington's LX lever pullers are ultra lightweight and compact yet extremely durable. Known as the perfect "toolbox hoists", these little hoists have all the power you need to get the job done. Revolutionary 1/2 Ton model is the only 1/2 Ton "toolbox" sized puller in the industry.


-Capacities 1/4 Ton and 1/2 Ton

-Compact, low headroom design makes it a perfect tool for use in tight quarters

-Low pulling force required for ease of use

-Effortless to transport, install & store

-Free-chain adjusting mechanism for quick adjustments

-Rugged die-cast aluminum body with steel frame





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